Iranian Media Monitoring Made Easy

Monitor, organize, and manage your online reputation all in one platform

How does Netbina Monitoring help?

Netbina Monitoring is a tool to monitor the web and listen to Persian conversations on major social media. With a few clicks you can start tracking your brand and competitors’ mentions among Iran’s widely used media.


Manage Time

Save your time and spend it on what matters to you the most.

Be The First to Know

Respond to events and conversations as fast as possible

Engage With Customers

Get involved in conversations right from Netbina Monitoring.

Handle Crisis

Avoid or react to crises promptly.

Why Choose Netbina Monitoring


Simple. Fast. Accurate

Real-time AI-powered Persian sentiment analysis is built to reduce cost and time

Easy On-boarding Process

Start monitoring the web and social media with a few clicks

Compare. Analyze. Decide

Our comparison tools allow you to see where your brand stands against competitors

Downloadable Reports

Access raw data, charts, notes, and create one comprehensive report to download

News and social media

Discover where conversations take place and track them live

Optimize your communication planning

You can prevent a social media crisis, widen your digital footprint, enhance media sentiment and consumer perception of your brand, and track that of your competitors with just a few clicks.

Competitor analysis

Comparison tools allow you to compare yourself with your competitors, both in terms of your communication footprint and audience sentiment. Compare your brand across specific media channels and specific keywords.

Live brand sentiment

Assess the sentiment of consumers, influencers, and media as they take shape. Netbina has developed the most powerful Persian language AI engine in the market. Our natural language processing engine automatically improves with every new bit of information it comes across, allowing you to focus on the decisions, while we take care of the data


Filter to what matters most

We collect thousands of feeds every month. Our filters allow you to narrow down the results to what you find important. You can filter based on sentiment, reach, categories, authors, and many more.

See where you stand & grow your brand awareness

Our comparison tools are made to let you measure how your brand perception is like compared to that of you competitors. Learn more on how you can use Netbina Monitoring to improve your brand awareness.

Smart keyword suggestions

Our AI driven keyword suggestions, extracted from real consumer usage, complement your own keywords to track your brand more accurately and smartly. Learn more on how to use this tool.

Netbina Monitoring Roadmap

We are making sure to add more awesome features and functionalities. Stay tuned!

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