Stay on top of your brand

See what Iranians are saying about you and your competitors

Real-time AI user sentiment

Smart Netbina engineers have spent years developing the most advanced and accurate Persian sentiment AI engine on the market. By using Netbina Monitoring, you can find out user sentiment relating to any keyword of interest in real-time.

Compare brands & products

Easily make comparisons between brands, products and campaigns. Netbina Monitoring allows performance comparisons between keywords or projects.

Optimize expenditure

See where you need to spend more on communication and where you can spend less. Use monitoring to analyse your digital footprint and its effectiveness. Benchmark with competitors and make your investment count.

Smart keyword suggestions

By using real usage data, Monitoring suggests keywords to complement your own selection of keywords. Coupled with a boolean feature, you have a very powerful tool to home in on the content of most interest to you.

Filter to gain insights

The monitoring panel gives you an overview of the most important indicators. But you can choose to gain more insight by drilling down further. Filter by sentiment, category, author, date, etc.

Topic and category detection

Our in-house Persian topic detector is the smartest of its kind. Based on your keyword selection and real usage data, we automatically and intelligently highlight content topics and categories which are of the most significance to your brand.

Netbina Monitoring Roadmap

We are making sure to add more awesome features and functionalities. Stay tuned!

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