Terms of Use
Last modified: January 2020

Application Use Agreement

This End User Subscription Agreement applies to Customer(s) who use the online Subscription Service of Netbina Monitoring, and its features and add-ons, collectively the Subscription Service. Netbina Monitoring (the Subscription Service) is a cloud based service that does not require users to install the application on their computer or mobile device. User(s) need reliable Internet connection and a Java-enabled web browser to use the service. To ensure complete availability of all the features it is recommended to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari web browsers. Some features may not work properly on other web browsers. The service is offered on a subscription basis for the duration (monthly/annually) agreed upon by the signatories.
During the term of Subscription Service set in each order/contract, the Agency will make the service available to the Client and its authorized affiliates and employees. The Client is responsible for the use of the service and its credentials.

Support Scope

We are here to help you get work done. The following supports are covered by this agreement

  1. Telephone support within business hours (enterprise plan)
  2. Email support (after hour emails will be responded the next business day)*
  3. Ticketing system via email and in-app
  4. Appropriate notification to Client for all scheduled maintenance

Subject to the purchased plan

Downtime and Maintenance
The service provider (Agency) runs periodical maintenance, revisions, and other technical efforts to optimize the usability of the service. Such actions are taken at the Agency’s best effort without affecting the client’s access to the service. However, repairs of emergency or critical nature may result in service not being available during such courses of repair.

Updates and Upgrades

The Company is responsible to support the application as long as the client’s subscription to the service is valid, regardless of client’s decision to use the newer versions of the application.
The company releases new revisions and updates for the product without any prior notice. The client(s) need not take any actions to benefit from the new versions, otherwise instructed and communicated by the Agency. Any major change or removal of features and/or client(s)’ generated data will be communicated through written notice in advance.


Subscription Service: The client agrees that Media Monitoring is an online cloud-based service offered on a subscription basis. Netbina reserves all the product ownership rights, including but not limited to the software codes, documentation, and all intellectual property rights and its derivatives.
Client(s) Data: Client(s) owns any data generated by the client(s) in the Application (software) including their information regarding reports, social media credentials (if any), followers, brand names, and trademarks through use of this Subscription Service. Client(s) data is deemed as confidential data in this agreement.
Statistical Data: Netbina may monitor the Client(s) use of the Subscription Service to improve the service offered. This behavioral data with other data in aggregate may be used for statistical and operational purposes and may be publicly used, provided that such data would not enable identification of Client(s) and Client(s) Data or any confidential information. Netbina reserves the right to ownership of such statistical and operational information.

Users may not rent, sell, lease or sublease any part of the subscription service to a third party unless expressly permitted by the Agency. An amended agreement may be prepared and signed between the third party and the Agency, or otherwise mentioned in the contract.

Netbina Security Standard

Netbina shall remain responsible to incorporate industry level standards, best practices, and technologies to ensure the security of Customer Data and Confidential Information. Within the duration of the Subscription Service Netbina maintains physical, technical, and administrative safeguards appropriate for the type of data it keeps and processes.
Netbina maintains control over limiting access to its systems and data to properly authorized personnel. Authorizations are revoked upon termination of the personnel employment or change in job status within the company. System passwords comply with generally accepted industry standards. Password resets are handled by the user. In case of multiple failed password tries access will be blocked until reset by authorized personnel.

Independence of contracts

We work independently and have no affiliation with any organization, party, business, whatsoever. We are committed to offering professional services and are not bound by a non compete contract, unless otherwise mentioned in the contract.

Change in the news source

If any articles are changed by the publishing source we only provide the latest update from specific sources.

Change in social media sources

We are partially reliant on the data that is provided by third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc., thus we cannot guarantee that this data is always available to us. However, our business and engineering teams work around the clock to find solutions to mitigate such issues.


We provide a no-data-loss as we back up collected data and reports generated within the system. In the event of data breach, the non-breaching signatory of this agreement has the right to terminate the Subscription if the breach has not been properly addressed (handled) within X number of days from the date the written notice is given.

Refund Policy

We provide a 14-day money back guarantee for annual contracts and subscriptions. Monthly purchased plans are not covered under our refund policy.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Netbina has policies and procedures to react to emergencies and events that may be a threat to User Data, integrity and availability of its systems. We use reputable data center solutions to store User Data and other system information. We rely on data centers mechanisms of providing uninterrupted power supply for our Media Monitoring service. In the event of data server failures Netbina utilizes various resources within commercially reasonable efforts to bring the service availability back to normal.

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